Die Venus im Spiegel

Die Zeit der Venus, sich selbst zu geniessen. Es ist möglich das wir uns über  unser Wellnessritual  näher kennen lernen. Das läuft, weil man sich Zeit nimmt. Für sich und das persönliche Spiegelbild.

Sei lieb zu Dir und feiere dein Sein!


Der Stiervenus wird Genuß und Wohlstand nachgesagt.Das erreicht sie auch durch Grenzsetzung. Was gesund bleiben will, braucht Pflege und Schutz. Übersetzt gilt das für unseren Heimatplaneten wie für jedes kleine Ding. Schutz und Pflege.


Zum Vollmond im Zeichen Jungfrau wird der Geburtstag der Göttin Lakshmi gefeiert.Und die Verbindung zur Hindigöttin des Wohlstandes und Glücks ist so nah zur römischen Venus. Auch Laksmi entsteigt dem Meer , sitzend auf dem Lotus, lächelnd und wunderschön. Die Götter haben den Milchozean gequirrlt, um Soma zu gewinnen.Lakshmi entsteigt dem Milchozean und die Götter wie Dämonen werden bei ihrem Anblick von Sanftmut berührt. Der rote Faden der doppeldeutigen Venus hält uns gefangen. In Lakhsmi ist die kuhäugige Göttin zu sehen, aber auch die Aphrodite entsteigt hier den Milchfluten ,um von den jungfräulichen Priesterinnen am Land willkommen geheißen zu werden. (Vollmond Fische-Jungfrau)




Om, Hiranya varnam harinim Suvarna rajatasrajam Chandraam hiranmayim Lakshmim jatavedo ma avaha

Sloka 1

O all-knowing fire-god (Agni), would you kindly propitiate Mahalakshmi, the Goddess of prosperity, one whose body has the golden color; one who is decked with gold and silver garlands; one whose sari is yellow colored and one Whose face is like the full moon and whose eyes bless humanity with soothing grace. O Jata Veda, the fire-god, kindly tell Her of our supplications.

Tamaavaha jatavedo Lakshmimananpagaminim Yasyaam hiranyam vindeyam Gamasvam purushanaham

Sloka 2

O, Agni, the great fire-god, with the blessings of Mahalakshmi, wealth and prosperity, gold and cattle, horses and useful animals, family and children and every type of prosperity will come to me. By the arrival of Goddess Lakshmi in my home, the prosperity will be imperishable. Health, friends, knowledge, everlasting peace and finally freedom — all these types of wealth will be mine by the arrival of the Universal Mother, Lakshmi, into my home.

Ashwapurvam Rathamadhyam Hastinada Prabodinim Sriyam Devimupahvaye Shrirmadevirjushatam

Sloka 3

That Goddess Lakshmi in whose procession the celestial horses and the divine chariots are used, as the elephants roar the OM sound which pleases that Goddess. She being Gajalakshmi or Lakshmi Who is worshiped by the elephants. O Agni, I am invoking that power, the spouse of Vishnu. May I attain Her grace.

Kamsosmitam Hiranya Prakaramardram Jvalantim truptam tarpayantim Padmestitam padmavarnam Tamihopahvaye sriyam

Sloka 4

One Who is sitting on the blossomed thousand-petalled lotus; one whose body has the color of the lotus; may that great Goddess. The compassionate, radiant, ever-smiling, fulfiller of all the desires of Her votaries, hear my prayers. I invoke that Mother, Mahalakshmi of golden color.

Chandramprabhasam yashasajvalantim Sriyamloke devajustamudaram Tam Padminimim Saranamaham Prapadye Alakshmirme Nashyatam twam vrune

Sloka 5

I invoke Mahalakshmi Who shines like the full moon and like lightening. Her fame is all-pervading. Denizens of heaven constantly worship Her. She is minificent. Her benevolent hands are like lotuses. I take refuge in Her lotus feet. Let Her destroy my poverty forever. O Mother Mahalakshmi, I take shelter at Your lotus feet.

Aadityavarne Tapasodhijato Vanaspatistava Vrukshothabilvaha Tasya phalani Tapasanudantu Mayantarayascha Bahya Alakshmihi


Sloka 6

O Universal Mother, shining like the sun, it is through Your penance that the holiest trees of Bilva and Tulasi are born. They symbolize the tree of life. The fruit of that tree of life removes our poverty from both within and without. In other words, bless us with inner light and outer independence and abundance.

Upaitumam Devasakhaha Kirtishcha Maninaa Saha Praddurbhuto smi rastresmin Kirthimrudhim dadatume

Sloka 7

O Devi, the great Goddess, with Your blessings let Kubera, the treasurer of the gods; his friend, Manibhadra, the protector of wealth, and Keerti, the goddess of fame who was the daughter of Daksha Prajapati.

Kshutpipasamalam JyesthaAm Alakshmim nashayamyaham Abhutimasamruddhim cha Sarvam Nirnuda me grihat

Sloka 8

That goddess of hunger and thirst, one who is reduced to a skeleton; I would like the death of the goddess of poverty. O Mahalakshmi, may You kindly drive away any fear of poverty and inauspiciousness from my home. In other words, bless me always with abundance and joy.

Gandhadvaram duradharsham Nitya Pushtam Karishinim Eshvarim sarvabhutanam Tamihopahvaye Sriyam

Sloka 9

I invoke that supreme Goddess Lakshmi to dwell in my home forever. She is the supreme power of protection and Goddess of all the universes and cosmic elements. She is Mother Earth, the bestower of great contentment. Her blessings are bringing us the fragrance of the sandalwood paste. May that Ishwari be ever present in me.

Manasaha-Kamamakutim Vachasatya mashimahi Pashunam Rupamanasya mayi Shrishrayatam yashaha

Sloka 10

May Mahalakshmi fulfill all my desires. May I attain perfection. May my words come true. May I be bestowed with cattle, wealth, food, milk and honey to share with all. May that Sri Devi come to my home in the form of undying fame.

Kardamena Prajabhuta mayi Sambhava Kardhama Shriyam Vasayame Kule Mataram Padma malinim

Sloka 11

We are the progeny of our forefather, Sage Kardama, who is one of the sons of Goddess Lakshmi. We invoke that Sage Kardama to install in his family the Universal Mother, Mahalakshmi, who is decked with the garland of lotuses. So be it.

Apsrujantu Snigdhani Chiklita Vasa Me Gruhe Nicha devim Mataram Sriyam Vasayame kule

Sloka 12

We invoke another son of Lakshmi named Chikleeta. May he dwell in our home and may his mother, Mahalakshmi, dwell in our family.

Ardram pushkarinim Pushtim Pingalam Padmamalinim Chandram hiranmayim Lakshmim Jatavedo Ma avaha

Sloka 13

O Agni, may You propitiate Mahalakshmi, the destroyer of demons but merciful to Her devotees, abode of auspiciousness, bestower of total protection, extraordinarily beautiful, bedecked with valuable ornaments, shining like a thousand suns; may that Hiranmayi, the golden colored Goddess, be pleased with us.

Ardram Yah karinim yastim Suvarnam hemamalinim Suryam Hiranmayim Lakshmim Jatavedo Ma avaha

Sloka 14

O Agni, the fire-god, I once again pray unto you to invoke the presence of the Lakshmi Devi with us. The Mother Who is merciful blessings with Her lotus hand. May that yellow-clad, lotus-garlanded, moon-faced Goddess shower Her choicest cup of blessings upon us.

Tama avaha Jatavedo Lakshmimanapagaminim Yasyam Hiranyam Prabhutam gavo Dasyoshvam Vindeyam Purushanaham

Sloka 15

O Agni, please pray to that Lakshmi that we should be blessed with inexhaustible wealth. May that wealth bring that greatest joy and peace along with all material comforts of cows, servants, horses, family and good children, and the highest of all, freedom.

Om Mahadevyaicha vidmahe Vishnu Pathnyaicha dhimahi Tanno Lakshmih prachodayatu Om Shanti Shanti Shantihi

Sloka 16

Let that Mahalakshmi be invoked on Whom I meditate upon, Who is the consort of Lord Vishnu, the Supreme Mother. Let peace prevail everywhere


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